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our story

Livid Jeans is a Norwegian apparel company that adheres to the Japanese finesse within fabric construction while maintaining the classic silhouettes of contemporary Scandinavian design. Dedicated to honoring old traditions in making jeans, and inspired by a time when superior quality, supporting local trade and taking care of own garments mattered.

Our company originated from a fabric and construction oriented perspective that aims to preserve traditions by building quality made products. Growing as a company may sometimes draw one in a different direction, but we’ve always believed in creating a fundament where the ingredient defines the product. That is what defines our aesthetics as a brand and our collections as a whole.

Back in the 1920’s my family had a thriving business growing plants, vegetables and metal casting signs. Four big greenhouses filled with customers surrounded the main building and the craft of both being a metal caster and a gardener were appreciated throughout the whole town. Almost 70 years later, my parents had to close down the family company because of lack of business. Today, it is only ruins. The shell of the original structure is standing still, but now covered by wild growing trees. I can still remember the glass windows being there when I was a kid, but seemingly they’ve been broken and now replaced with wild growth. The water pipes that kept the heat throughout the facilities are covered with rust and the door to the oven-room concealed by bricks from when the ceiling collapsed a couple of years back. The beautiful building in which a couple of decades earlier were filled with people now remains a vague memory. But to this day, every time I’m back to visit my old hometown I look at the huge metal casted numbers on the top of the local church, which my great grandfather casted many years ago.

made in norway

Our Made In Norway collection line heeds to uniqueness and authenticity. To high quality and conservancy. And more importantly to transparency and knowledge within garment production. Essentially, it heeds to everything opposite to the competitive force of poor quality made unsustainably.

Livid originated as a one man denim brand. Being a manufacturing company at its core has been a key factor when forging the way we think, the way we create and construct and the way we distribute our garments. What initiated from one old industrial lockstitch sewing machine from Singer has today developed into a proper manufacturing facility. Located in our brick-and-mortar in Trondheim, Norway and today the only remaining day-to-day jeans manufacturing facility in Scandinavia.