Location: Sanatorium, Frydenlundgata 14, 0269 Oslo

Collection: Sanatorium - madeinsane 


In September 2021, Sanatorium launched their clothing collection madeinsane. A collection consisting of conceptual unisex garments.

madeinsane is a collaborative project between Sanatorium, clothing designer Eline Dragesund and creative consultant Jens Carlos Schwartz.

The Consept

madeinsane = Work in progress/“The coat evolves as you go”. The garments in the collection are true to Sanatorium’s DNA: “It’s not for everyone”.  

In Madeinsane, the 2021 individual meets creativity and madness.The garments are ultra-dynamic and give each user the freedom to style and interpret them in their own way.

A common denominator for the garments in the collection is that they function as an off white canvas, where everything matches and can be used interchangeably.

Paint, cut, tear, burn, soil, draw, tie: Work in progress!

The Collection

The madeinsane collection is an extension of Sanatorium’s established aesthetic universe. “Lab coat meets straitjacket”.

In a clear street-influenced expression 1921 meets 2021 where madeinsane is more lifestyle than fashion.

The collection is hand-sewn in Oslo, by clothing designer Eline Dragesund, currently in a limited number.