Ajam Soul


Future Beats, Hip-Hop, Jazz og Electronic Music

Ajam Soul

"Music is the reflection of Soul."

Although he is primarily a scientist and explorer, Ajam Soul also plays musical instruments and uses electronic gadgets to express his ideas to the world.

Lo-fi goes hi-fi, hip-hop becomes symphonic and electronic beats light the way out of the dark places that Ajam Soul can take you, while more intense atmospheres add a reassuring touch of menace to lighter melodies.

The music of Ajam Soul almost reminds one of a private press electronic voyage album discovered in a stack of records next to Mr. Carmack, ESTA. and Ta-ku.

Poised between pure instrumentation and futuristic textures, Ajam's themes light the way along a peaceful course. Each song is its own journey, often ending in a completely new place from where it began.


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