Melanie is a freelance dancer and choreographer within figure-skating. She is a former elite figure-skater and holds a 1-year dance education from IAB - Institute of the arts, Barcelona.

Beginning of 2021 she worked as the assisting choreographer for the opening show and gala of ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2021, in Stockholm Globe. Her most recent production this year as a dancer is "FESTEN" with the Oslo based company ODE Ung.

In 2020 she and Ghanaian sociologist of law & novelist Thomas Labik Amanquandor created Project Uncomfortable Conversation. The project was funded by Visionsfonden 2035 in Helsingborg, to create platforms and safe spaces to encourage knowledge and experience sharing, discussions and conversations on racism and racial sensitivity in Sweden along with co-creative workshops and advocacy through art.

In November 2021 Melanie and her partner Lisa Gustavsson started Synthesis Creations, a company focused on creating new experiences in form of events, connecting different fields of art and initiate creative collaborations. In collaboration with Illums Bolighus Oslo they were rewarded funding from RestartOslo 2021 and arranged Open-Air Fashion Show at Vikaterrassen where Melanie acted as the Project Lead, Creative Leader and was one of the performers on roller-skates.

Melanie is very passionate about equity and bringing culture and different artforms together and aims to break new barriers through initiating new innovative projects and continue to work as a creative artist within both dance, ice-skating and roller-skating.